Property Care

When you leave your home with Gulf Tide Vacations, you’re leaving it with family. Our property care team makes sure your property is operating and looking its best every single day.

Barefoot Bungalo

86% of guest consider cleanliness as the top criteria to book a vacation rental.

We know guest only want to stay in a perfectly clean home. That’s why we created a team of professionally trained housekeepers who make sure that your home is looking its absolute best. We take cleanliness seriously, so your guest respond with excellent reviews

Thorough inspections before & after every guest…

After our housekeeping crew works their magic, we double check that everything is perfect for your next guest. We make sure your home meets our standards for cleanliness and check the lights, electronics, and appliances so that everything is working smoothly.

If your guest request something extra with their booking, we deliver it at this time. Then, on the day your guest arrive we add the finishing touches, with a few lights on, and the air cool, so that your home feels welcoming from the moment they walk in.


# of items inspected before each check in

Destin Vacation Rentals by Gulf Tide Vacations


Our maintenance experts keep your home in perfect working condition. We handle pool cleaning, trash pickup, emergency repairs, and most importantly in Florida, air conditioning maintenance and pest control.

We offer customized services that included both regular maintenance as well as preventative maintenance, so we can avoid issues before they arise. If there is ever something our team cannot handle, we will consult our list of approved contractors and equipment suppliers to solve the problem ASAP.