Owner Benefits

Gulf Tide Destin Vacation Rentals stays updated on industry trends, from owner and guest preferences to the ever-changing legal and tax landscapes-to keep you in the most profitable position possible. Our full-time Accounting team works alongside our Rental Managers to track all of your home’s accounting, maintenance, and housekeeping activities in great detail. Additionally, senior management stays continuously involved with owner and guest concerns.

Family Group Policy

It is our policy at Gulf Tide Vacations to rent only to family groups. Our tenants must be at least 25 years of age and we will not rent a property in connection with non-family use such as high school, college, or civic groups. Tenants in violation of this policy are subject to immediate eviction with no refund given.

Customized Rental Projection

Our Rental Managers work closely with owners to create a custom revenue projection for your property. We also monitor your home’s income and booking trends to stay ahead of market changes.

Monthly Statements

We provide our owners with a detailed monthly statement of revenue and expenses indicating activity such as reservations, monies paid, management fees, itemized expenses, etc. Annual statements are sent at year’s end.

Direct Deposit

Gulf Tide Vacation Rentals offers our homeowners the ease, convenience, and security of direct deposit. Monies are automatically deposited into your account on time.

  • No waiting for checks to clear; quicker access to your money.
  • Payments are more secure and never get lost in the mail.
  • No more hassle of making a trip to the bank.
  • Reduction in paper usage, less waste.


OwnerLink is Gulf Tide Vacations online owner portal where homeowners can securely login and view their calendar, reservation reports, work orders, messages, and our e-newsletter. This monthly newsletter keeps you updated on Destin news and events, industry trends, and all of our initiatives.

Trip Cancellation Insurance And Partial Damage Fee

Our trip cancellation insurance and partial damage waiver fee programs protect guests as well as homeowners. Owners are reimbursed for losses due to cancellations, mandatory evacuations, and accidental property damage.

Keyless Entry

Gulf Tide Vacations offers a keyless entry system-giving homeowners added security (including the tracking of people entering your property) as well as an improved guest experience.

Coordinate Vendor Work

We are available to help the owner by making recommendations for vendors to perform various projects in the home and assisting in securing quotes for those projects. We will be happy to meet with vendors as needed to complete work in your home. When doing this we will let the contractors in the property and when the work is completed we will return to the property and perform an inspection to ensure that the property is safe and that the work has been completed properly.

Homeowner Newsletter

Gulf Tide Vacation Rentals, keeps our homeowners updated on Destin news and events, industry trends, and all of our initiatives via our electronic newsletters.